About me

Simon PortraitHi I am Simon, your host and writer on simon-says.it. Born and raised for the greater part of my life in Bielefeld, Germany, I much more perceive myself as a modern day nomad, trying to get the most out of live wherever it takes me. Besides my German roots, I was fortunate enough to experience life in few other countries, such  as Saudi Arabia, Estonia and my current residency the Netherlands.

Different decisions and reasons took me to the different countries, but all of them had some thing in common. Wherever I went, I met ke minded people from around the world, often not on their first stop traveling and living in different places worldwide.

For me it all started with a decision my parents made when they decided to move the whole family to Riad, Saudi-Arabia where my father had signed for a project for two years. Leaving my german suburb environment behind for such a time at the age of 10 and moving to a different continent into a different culture was a true eye opener for me and influenced my further life in so many ways that I can hardly estimate ere I would stand today if things wouldn’t have taken place as they did.

After graduating college I as sure to leave Germany for a while, just where it would take me wasn’t on the sure site right away. After some time tinkering with my different options I chose for a European Voluntary Service up north in Estonia, where I was working in a daycare for mentally and physically disabled children.

Also in Estonia I made a lot of friends from all over Europe which enabled me to travel to many places and experience e local life in many cultures. A dutch friend gave me the the initial kickoff for the idea to move to the Netherlands for studies after my return. Long story short thats how I ended up living in the Netherlands for the last four and a half years now.