Party along the rails of Rotterdam, a review of Kultuur Podium Perron


Perron-Rotterdam-132283287828Few weeks ago I had the pleasure to once again visit the fine city of Rotterdam, this time actually the first time to explore its nightlife. Reason for my little excursion from Utrecht was gig of one of my current favorites, mr. Maceo Plex. The party took place in Perron, one of the Netherlands many great pop podia. The first positive notion was the clubs location, within 5 minutes walking from the central station, which comes as no big surprise for the ones speaking dutch, since Perron means train platform in dutch.

Perron-RotterdamThe location itself resembles the industrial flair that distinguishes the city from most other in the Netherlands. The rather rough factory look with flashy graffiti on the inside walls and old couches in the corners and along the walls in tall three rooms is something that I definitely prefer compared to the bland glossy lounge look that one can find in so many of the words night clubs. Especially when, just like in Perron, the rest of the club, namely the sound and light equipment as well as the bar are cutting edge. Only point that could be seen in a negative light, was the coin system at the bar, which is understandably easy for the bar personell, but a hassle for visitors.

perronfbThe staff overall as well as bouncers seemed friendly and professional. We also didn’t have to wait much at the entrance, while the party was even sold out in advance, which speaks for a good door policy and management in my eyes. The crowd in the club was very diverse covering age groups from early twenties to late forties and all kinds of cultures and subcultures. Overall I didn’t notice any issues or agressions between visitors.

 Last but not least I will write about the financial aspect of going out in Perron. First of all I have to say I was positively surprised about the relatively ow entrance price of 8€. (especially taken in consideration that they had booked an internationally very successful artist) Besides the fact that the special coins that we had to change against cash, can easily lead to a higher bill for drinks than with cash payments, since purchased coins can not be changed back to cash, the actual drink prices are okay with 1 coin (2,5€) for a Heineken and 2,5 coins (6,25€) for Grey Goose Vodka.

To put it in a nutshell a club thats surely worth visiting for anyone with faible for underground club atmosphere, friendly openminded people and quality electronic music.