Try more new stuff


As I promised beginning of the year, I am keeping you updated about my new years resolutions and the progress I make in realizing them. Now we are nearly two month into the new year and I can report I have tackled and succeeded the first points. Namely I tried out a new sport and signed up for a top rope climbing course in one of Amsterdams five climbing centers. The thing that fascinated me in climbing is not just that its a full body workout, but also a mental challenge, to rely on your own hands and feet and course your climbing partner, who literally holds your live in his hands when belaying. With a hight of 21 meters the climbing wall is twice as high as a regular family house, which made me a bit unsure in the first lessons if I would actually get to the top within the 4 week course as a total newbie in this sport, but I made the decision to let go of my self-doubt and it a try.

What I got out of it was ¬†great experience, to notice that with every time I managed to do steps that you wouldn’t have thought where possible. Like this I experienced climbing as a very rewarding sport since it really teaches you to find and balance your own limits. In the end, during the last weekly session I finally managed to get to the top of the wall on a 4B+ route and it felt like I could do anything in this moment. For this experience alone it is worth already to just try out new interesting things! If it turns out not to be your thing, you can still drop it and try something else. Man learns best from experience and experience comes from practice. Or as the saying goes, ” you wont know if you like it, when you haven’t tried it” (That of course goes for many, but of course not all things in life… ;))

Shortly after finishing the climbing course, as described above, I stumbled upon this TED Talk from Matt Cutts, which basically puts it in a nutshell. Funny coincident was that the course I did was just as in his concept 30 days and it was enough in the end. Of course I will continue the climbing but I think its a great idea as well to just keep some new stuff-to-try coming every month. In that sense, I hope you’ll also go out and try something new more often. It`s worth it!