Quick and tasty: Salad with Pomegranate Dressing and pan fried cheese.



Wash and cut the rucola lettuce once, slice the tomato,chop the bell pepper and onion. Put everything in a bowl and add the corn, pomegranate, sesame and chia. Roast the pine seeds in a dry pan and add to the bowl when gold brown.

150 g Rucola                                                       150 g Rucola

1 Tomato                                                             1 Tomate

1 Bell Pepper                                                       1 Paprika

1/2 Red Onion                                                     1/2 Rote Zwiebel

3DS Corn                                                             3EL Mais

2DS Pomegranate pits                                         2EL Granatapfelkerne

1DS Pine seeds                                                    1EL Pinienkerne

2TS Sesame                                                         2TLSesam

2TS Chia Seed(Salvia hispanica)                         2TL Chiasaat(Salvia hispanica)


Take a tumbler glass or a small bowl, add pomegranate pits, slightly squeeze them with a spoon so the juice can come out and give the dressing a fruity taste. Salt and pepper as well as herbs should be adjusted to ones own taste

30 ml Olive Oil                                                        30 ml Oliven Öl

10 ml White wine vinegar                                       10 ml Weißwein Essig

2 DS Pomegranate pits                                          2EL Granatapfelkerne

Sea salt                                                                  Meersalz

Black pepper                                                          Schwarzer Pfeffer

Pinch Raw cane sugar                                           Prise Rohrzucker(braun)

Mediterranean herb mix                                        Mediterrane Kräütermischung

Pan fried cheese:

First prepare the cornflakes by breaking them into smaller pieces. Add some breadcrumbs salt and pepper and mix everything on the soup plate. Then break the eggs into a bowl and mix them. Afterwards cut approximately one centimeter thick slices of the cheese of your choice, basically any soft and not too moist cheese can be used. Take a round cookie cutter or a cup and cut out round pieces that will be dipped into the egg and coated in the cornflakes breadcrumb mixture. afterwards pan fry them at medium heat until gold brown.

100-150 g p.p. Goat cheese(young)                     100-150 g p.P. Ziegenkäse(jung)

soup plate with cornflakes & breadcrumbs           Suppenteller mit Cornflakes & Paniermehl

2-3 Eggs                                                                2-3 Eier

Sea Salt                                                                Meersalz

Black Pepper                                                        Schwarzer Pfeffer


DS = dinner spoon                                               EL = Esslöffel

TS = tea spoon                                                    TL = Teelöffel