New years resolutions 2014


In order not to be able to bury my new years resolutions by the end of January again, as often before, I decided to publish the product here. Like this I will be more motivated to keep these goals in the back of my head, so I can take them to action within these new twelve month, to come.

One thing is definitely out of question, it will be a year full of changes, challenges and new experiences for me. I will finally let my student life behind me completely (for a while?!?) and look for a full time job. Also I am planning to relocate within the first quarter of 2014. After nearly 4 1/2 great years in the Netherlands, I am feeling the urge again to move and change my environment once again. Still not saturated with impressions and the world to see.

Surely I will keep you updated regarding my progresses with these goals. And if you feel like it let me know what your resolutions where and what you are going to tackle this year.